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Next up in our artist feature is Martine Gutierrez.

Sitting down with Martine was such a pleasure. The conversation about her work began with her name: Martín to Martine.

Hands Up was kind of the first music video. I guess I made a few music videos in high school, but this was kind of the beginning of this pop star persona I started cultivating. And at that time also, my name was spelled Martín—with an accent over the “i,” no “e.” And no one could say that—especially in Vermont in high school—And they would just add the “e,” like a French girl, Martine. That kind of switch of gender, that fluidity of gender… it was such a gift that I really didn’t fully appreciate until college. And then in college I thought I should play with it as this pop star character. So I gave that pop star that name, and it’s funny because now that’s the name I’ve adopted in my real life.
— Martine (edited)

Interested in the fluidity of relationships and the role of genders within them, Martine offers mannequins in her own stead to explore the diverse narratives of intimacy. Acting as a conduit, Martine supplies a framework that facilitates a dialogue requiring the viewer to question their own perceptions of sex, gender, and social groups.

Hands Up, reflecting old Hollywood glamour, was the first time that she had collaborated with many people. It also features her first unreleased single, which was selected by Saint Laurent Paris for their Cruise Collection 2012 video editorial. Her music has since been featured by several other fashion houses, including Christian Dior and Acne Studios.

Don’t miss a chance to check out Martine’s iconic installation at STANDARD STANDARD.