Codify Art is a Brooklyn based collective of multidisciplinary artists.

Our mission is to create, produce, and showcase work that foregrounds the voices of people of color, particularly those of women and queer people of color. We are committed to assembling collaborators from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplines. Together, we champion a practice that accurately reflects the multiplicity we see in the world. 

To "codify art" is to reclaim art through radical redefinition.

 The existing vocabulary of the arts and society at large often proves inadequate for engagement with the stories of marginalized groups. 

Codifying builds an alternative, inclusionary language with which the artist can communicate their experience and through which the viewer can understand and respond. We clear common ground; we teach, learn, and teach continuously.

Codify Art is a call to action.

We are artists, designers, directors, and writers. We are musicians, poets, choreographers, and actors. We are Actors. We are agents and agitators and advocates of a new, dynamic dialogue. We move and make on a platform of diversity dedicated to effecting positive change in the arts and beyond. We invite you to:

Codify with us. 

A new vocabulary requires collaborators; it requires community. Contribute your voice to the conversation. Codify Art.