Today we're featuring Yves-Olivier Mandereau from our SPRING / BREAK Art Show exhibition STANDARD STANDARD. We're lucky to have Yves-Olivier in New York for this exhibition, so be sure to swing by room 2324 from 11am-6pm daily through March 6 to say hey!

A native San Franciscan, Yves-Olivier quickly became fascinated by clay's materiality and historical significance. This was seed that later grew into his project "Porncelain," a reappropriation of fine china as a means of confrontation and conversation between tenets of ‘the christian home’ and his queer identity. Yves-Olivier subverts these classic heirlooms and claims them as his own by inserting floral-like images of gay pornography. 

Yves-Olivier purposefully uses ‘found’ chinaware in order to broaden the discussion beyond his own sexuality. He invites the viewer to contemplate homosexuality and its oppressors at the hallowed hearth of Family—the dinner table. Yves-Olivier complicates the traditional narrative of familial inheritance by shining a spotlight on the queer community's absence of a formal transference of material culture. As queer people are often pushed to create their own Chosen Families, the viewer is forced to confront what inheritance looks like outside of a heteronormative structure.  

We're thrilled to have Yves-Olivier's elegant and provoking "Porncelain" pieces in STANDARD STANDARD. We hope to see you at 4 Times Sq soon!