Bau Hau Semi-Annual IV: You Are Here

Bau Haus in collaboration with Codify Art is pleased to present You Are Here, featuring work by Jarrett Key, Jon Key, Kat JK Lee, and Kameron Neal. This exhibition is on view for one night only during the opening reception: Saturday, October 22, 2016, 7-10PM.

Cotton and Magnolia Leaves by  Jon Key

Cotton and Magnolia Leaves by Jon Key


@Bau Haus, 516 Bainbridge St. #1L Brooklyn

October 22, 2016

Found on subway maps to mall directories, the words “You Are Here” serve to situate the inquirer in larger spatial contexts. The subway map or the mall directory, through its confident declaration, lays claim to a specific cross-section of “here,” the viewer’s physical body in relation to the bounds of an illustrated territory. Leaving the subway or the mall does not negate your Being Here; Here is moved, or Here moves with You.

In three immersive and participatory environments, YOU ARE HERE invites viewers to situate themselves anew through the transformation of the most quotidian of spaces: the apartment room. The assemblages herein comprise a study in what it means to be present, to have come through the past to reach this point in time. The artists in this exhibition seek to create common contexts in which conversations can occur, each an intensely personal GPS marker that remains beholden to greater communities within racialized society. When You, informed by DNA sequences and collective storytelling from previous generations, navigate a Here built atop structures erected before before your birth, what map traces those collusions? What do you bring in and what do you leave out? What of those divots, protrusions, scars? To reach back for ancestry and find that extant records remember grandmother’s warmth but begin with the Middle Passage; to embody the Bear-Mother of Korea’s mythical founder in the throes of her transmogrification; to traverse a childhood in the plantation south, an adulthood under the police state, and wonder if your home is yet where YOU are home? Opening the doors into these formative intimacies, traumas, and lived realities, YOU ARE HERE is both trespasser and guest in a directory of intra-, inter-, and transgenerational experience.