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Currently showing at Naughton Gallery at Queen's University in Belfast, Codify member Son Kit's new sculpture and sound installation. 

15.02.18 – 08.04.18

 Naughton Gallery at Queen's
Queen’s University Belfast,
University Road, Belfast,
BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, UK

Speculative Skins explores and challenges these questions and more in an internationally-focused group exhibition which delves into the relationship between science fiction and the body.


A group exhibition at The Public Theater

The Codify team took over the walls at The Public Theater's Mezzanine for our second Codify member group show. We have a closing event coming up, but

CODIFY ART presents works by members of the eponymous collective Codify Art, a Brooklyn-based group of emerging Queer and Trans POC artists. Featuring pieces by Sharina Gordon, Jarrett Key, Jon Key, and Son Kit, this exhibition highlights the power of personal narratives as tools to engage in community healing and understanding.


presented by SOHO20

Currently showing at SOHO20 Gallery, Codify member Son Kit's immersive video installation is up through March 11! 

February 8–March 11, 2018

56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Anthropiscine War Machine continues the mythology established in Son Kit’s previous works, imagining a parallel or future world where humanity is forced to adapt to an Earth covered entirely by water. The work poetically addresses this proposed post-human evolution, as well as the fictional war machines of Gundam and the historical War Machine that visited Korea in the 1950’s, leaving a legacy of bodily destruction and canned and preserved foods in its wake.


UNTILL at Spring/Break Art Show 2018

The two artists in UNTILL, Jarrett Key and Jon Key, are black twins from rural Alabama. The stories of their ancestors were never recorded in written form. These stories travelled instead as secrets, orally passed down through generations until they became the secrets filling the graves of their kin. The works in UNTILL mark their endeavor to recreate the lost stories of their immediate family as well as those ancestral histories that were consigned to the oblivion of the Middle Passage. They arrive in the past (1619–1953), the present (1954–2018), and the future (a dreamscape) as strangers excavating answers to understand their own history. 


OUR GREAT LEADER WILL NUKE YOU at Spring/Break Art Show 2018

OUR GREAT LEADER WILL NUKE YOU is an exhibition of works by diasporic Koreans currently residing in the U.S. Displaced (whether directly or generationally) by a war into a country that does not remember it, the hyphenated Korean experiences estrangement in visibility and invisibility: though they are seen as perpetually foreign yellow bodies, their status as American residents implicates them in American fears. If one Great Leader nukes the U.S., they will die with the U.S. If the other Great Leader retaliates with “fire and fury,” who dies then? Who dies first? Who do they fear for? Where do allegiances originate—from land, from blood, from whoever will spare them in the aftermath?

Framed as yet another speculation into a post-North Korean nuclear apocalypse, OUR GREAT LEADER WILL NUKE YOU asks specifically after the real and imagined survival of Korean bodies who are subject to the war games and thought exercises of their Western surroundings. The exhibition looks to food and preservation techniques as integral motifs in war, post-war, and future survival, and features work by Kira Nam Greene, Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, Son Kit, and Taehee Whang.


Hair Paintings and Other Stories Presented by La Mama Galleria, together with The Bellwether and Codify Art

Codify member Jarrett Key's first solo show in NYC. Key grew up in rural Alabama to their grandmother singing, “your hair is your strength.” Hair Paintings and Other Stories reimagines the collective bodily memories and rituals of the Black community by engaging its narratives of strength, courage, and resilience in an examination of past, present, and future


Horace Mann Unity Week

We had a fantastic time at Horace Mann School's Unity week, where we talked to the students about Codify Art's mission of uplifting the voices of WQTPOC artists. We are inspired by them and their immense creativity and artistry.

Jon Key, Man in the Violet Suit No. 7

Jon Key, Man in the Violet Suit No. 7


The Anxious Body at Angell Gallery

ANGELL GALLERY is proud to present The Anxious Body, an exhibition featuring nine artists from Toronto and New York whose works reflect how social media and the current socio-political climate are influencing contemporary figurative painting. Curated by associate director Bill Clarke, the exhibition runs from Oct.13 to Nov. 11 with an opening on Friday, Oct. 13 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Nov 11, 2017

Bau Haus in collaboration with Codify Art is pleased to present Hello, World!, featuring work by Jarrett KeyJon KeySharina GordonSon Kit, and Wael Morcos. This exhibition will be on view for one night only during the opening reception: Saturday, November 11, 7–10PM.

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Codify Art Talks at Yale University
September 17, 2017

As part of Yale St Anthony Hall’s Fall Speaker Series, Codify Art spoke to students about QTPOC voices in the arts. In this exciting talk back, Codify Art discussed their work, their future endeavors and creating inclusive art in our times. This event was co-sponsored by the Yale Dean of Arts, the Afro-American Cultural Center and the Asian-American Cultural Center.

Pastel Foliage study_$500small.jpeg

Thresheld at Underdonk
August 11 – September 10, 2017

Codify Art in collaboration with Underdonk was thrilled to present THRESHELD, a group exhibition of works by Janaye Brown, Orlando Estrada, Jes Fan, Ilana Harris-Babou, Inhye Lee, Pastiche Lumumba, and Adrienne Elise Tarver. THRESHELD explored the intimacy of routine, home as a constructed space, and ritual as a sanctified mundane.


Study Sessions: Codify Art at Whitney Musuem
June 9, 2017

Study Sessions at the Whitney Museum is a new, ongoing event series inspired by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s notion of study as “what you do with other people.” Codify Art facilitated a conversation around the themes of Nation and Work with Jacob Lawrence's War Series (1947) and Elizabeth Catlett's I am the Negro woman linocuts as our departure points. Framed as a writing and zine-making workshop, our Study Session examined the work as each artists' effort "to create her or his own vision of American life" and invited participants to share their own contemporary reimaginings.


Codify Connects: Happy Hour
April 4, 2017

We hosted our THIRD Codify Art Connects: A QTPOC Happy Hour at Bo’s, Tuesday April 4th from 6–9PM. Emerging artists and creative professionals were able to mix and mingle, hear about our upcoming events and others ways to get involved! 


Standard Standard at Spring/Break 2017
March 1-6, 2017

Codify Art curated STANDARD STANDARD, a new exhibition of work by QTPOC artists at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017. The show confronted the question of whether art should ‘hide the artist’ in relation to the dynamics of power. Some artists simply cannot hide. For so long as the black mirror is held by the institution, the marginalized artist remains the subject on view. The artists in STANDARD STANDARD are not monolith but acknowledge the possibility of being viewed as such. Their work confronts, accepts, or simply exists in their responsibility as it relates to their truths. They fly their own standards, aware to which they will be held.


Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair at MOCADA
January 28-29, 2017

Codify Art was invited to participate in the first ever Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair for Black and PoC Artists at MoCADA Museum, presented by 3 Dot Zine. In this festival, Artist Devin Morris — the founder of 3 Dot Zine — curated a space where the creative efforts of Black and PoC artists working in print mediums could be celebrated.


Can I Pay my Rent tho? Workshop

Finding a way to financially sustain ourselves while sustaining our souls through art-making has always been a struggle, particularly for QTPOC artists. That’s why Codify Art was thrilled to welcome J Mase III to facilitate Can I Pay My Rent Tho?!, a workshop centered on making a space for artists to develop long-term strategies towards a life supported by our creative work. Mase walked through tangible steps on how to better market ourselves and create a sustainable financial plan.


Codify Connects: Happy Hour
September 27, 2016

Codify Art Connects is back, this time in our collective home in the borough of Brooklyn! If you made it to the last one, then you know this is a great opportunity to connect with a vibrant circle of QTPOC artists and supporters. If you didn’t make it to the last one, ya missed it. Don’t miss this one.


Work. at Outlet
June 8-24, 2016

OUTLET in collaboration with Codify Art was pleased to present WORK. featuring work by Jarrett Key, Jonathan Key, and Son Kit. Through bodies and permanent impressions on paper, repurposed imagery and cloaked soundscapes, CODIFY investigates, as individuals, the diversity and nuance within an identifier and upholds, as a collective, its larger histories.

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[Dot]Com: Open Mic Nite at 440 Studios

[dot]COM, or [dot]Codify Open Mic, welcomed members of our community to share their talents at 440 Studios in the East Village! The first half of the night was scheduled programming featuring dance, music, and poetry, after which was opened it up to interested performers.

Yale CA Pres7.jpg

Codify Connects. Networking
February 16, 2016

Before we launch into everything we have planned for 2016, Codify Art wants to meet you and want you to meet us. This casual, afterwork mixer is an opportunity to match some faces to names and to mingle with emerging artists and creative professionals. There will be a short presentation at 7pm and happy hour specials throughout.


Projection Written By Liz Morgan